Termite Inspections (WDI / WDO Inspections)

Buying a new home? Congratulations!

In all the excitement of purchasing a new home, it's easy to overlook the importance of a high-quality WDI inspection. For most folks, their home is their biggest investment, and that investment deserves a methodical, high-quality inspection for termites and other wood-destroying insects by an honest, qualified inspector who has your best interests at heart.

Tried and True Termite and Pest Solutions is qualified to perform Wood-Destroying Insect inspections in the state of Alabama and to issue the official Alabama Wood Infestation Inspection Report (commonly called the "Alabama termite letter") for all real estate transactions in the State of Alabama.

We can also provide whatever documents are necessary for banks or other lenders, as well as for federally guaranteed ( VA / FHA / HUD) home loans.

Our WDI inspections reflect the emphasis we place upon quality in all of our work. For example:

So don't skimp on this important step in buying your dream home. Remember: You're the buyer, and it's your choice. Compare the quality of our fully warranted WDI inspections to those performed by some of our pencil-whipping competitors, and we think you'll agree: When your biggest investment is as stake, there's no excuse to accept anything but the best.