Termite Control Huntsville

Their meals stop here.

Termites don’t distinguish between valuable wooden structures and old dead trees. So they cause millions of dollars in damage each year as they stop at nothing to eat anything made of wood. Until we stop them.

Here when you need us

Termite Bond Huntsville

Prevention is key in termite control.

Pre-treaments for New Construction
Before the slab is poured or framing begins, Tried and True treats the ground underneath with Termidor. This revolutionary, non-repellent termiticide can’t be smelled or tasted by termites, so they happily carry it back to their colonies where they all die.

After the pre-treatment, annual treatments from Tried and True prevent termites from establishing a colony in your home or business.*

*Individual commercial construction specifications often call for specific brands of termiticides.


How often do you treat for termite control?

There is an initial application performed, and monitored once per year. Soil disruption, migration, and addition of new soil are some of the conditions that may necessitate retreatment.

How long is my termite bond good for?

Lifetime renewability for qualifying homes (subject to inspection).

What is the difference in termite control and termite baiting?

Conventional methods include liquid termiticides injected into the ground. Termite bonding involves monitoring devices that are checked quarterly.

What is the difference in ants and termites, including the swarmers?

Ants do not "consume" the wood and cellulosic materials of the house. Ants prefer sugary liquids, meat, including some plants and fungi. ***Carpenter Ants are known to burrow into wet decaying wood, but are easily distinguishable from termites.*** Swarmer termites will have a long tubular body like a cigar, and two pair of equally sized, translucent wings. (The light goes through the wings, you can see through them) Winged ants will have segmented bodies just like normal ants. Often times during and after a swarm the wings will be found in window sills and the floor. Swarmers are embarking on a nuptual flight-- to seek out another swarmer from another colony to then break off their wings and mate below ground, forming a new colony.

18:01 03 Jun 20
The owner is really invested in his business. He goes out of his way to make sure customers are happy! Responsive,... great value, and willing to try new things to help with my pest control needs. I highly recommend reaching out to them for a quote, questions, or any concerns. Especially if you have animals or livestock they will work with you to make sure they stay safe.read more
Josh Broussard
Josh Broussard
21:19 31 Oct 19
Don't use these guys if you are on any kind of timeline. I had them come out for a WDI inspection for a VA refinance... prior to closing. The tech arrived on time, completed the inspection and promised a report submitted to the bank in 2-3 days. It's been 2 weeks and multiple calls trying to get the report but still no luck. My bank loan officer has even tried contacting them directly, still nothing.read more
Kim Dillon
Kim Dillon
01:53 18 Apr 17
As a licensed realtor for over 10 years, Tried & True is the most prompt & knowledgeable regarding termite letters &... crawlspaces. They pay close attention to the timeframe of the contractual inspection period & closing date, which is always a huge relief. I recommend them with the highest regard.read more
Brooke Randall
Brooke Randall
21:24 03 Mar 17
If you are searching for the best pest control business in the greater Huntsville area, look no further! This is the... most professional and knowledgeable company I have ever hired. The staff listens to your pest concerns and addresses the issue in a timely, safe, and effective manner. I can't recommend this company enough, they are the best in town!read more
Christina E. Hughes
Christina E. Hughes
21:10 16 Jun 16
We are so happy with our service with Tried and True Termite and pest Solutions. They are awesome. I've had my service... with them for 7 years. Unfortunately, this year we had some old termite damage that they found. The owner fixed the damage and retreated our house even tough they were not under contract to fix the old damage, but he said since we have been loyal customers for years he would take care of it with no out of pocket cost to us. I was so happy. The contractor that was sent out is named Chuck and he is wonderful also. He did a great job and is very professional. I would highly recommend Tried and True.read more
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